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When I’m not directing I also write; mainly shopping lists and tweets but also sitcoms.

I write with my partner in typing and deleting and retyping, Steve Lawrence.

Steve is a comedy writer who is part of the BBC Comedy Room, he’s a lovely man and lives in Edinburgh, which is cold and far away. We were acquainted during a global pandemic over a video call, our eyes met digitally and we fell for each other’s private messages. 


Since then we have made Mel Giedroyc channel Bridget Jones and eat a lot of pizza and we’ve just wrapped on a taster for our sitcom Lifeguards; it’s about two lifeguards trying to survive a summer working on Britain’s least used beach.

We are currently developing a sitcom with a famous face who can’t be named because we signed more NDA’s than Jonny Depp’s previous partners, as well as juggling - a workplace sitcom, a serialised horror-comedy-sci-fi mash-up, a slightly gruesome historical comedy and a dark comedy about suburban living.

If you want to read something we’ve written (other than this bio) please drop us a message and we will send you our latest scripts or shopping lists.

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